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Keith Tse provides personalized International Concierge Services within the real estate markets of Honolulu Hawaii and thoughout province of China. When investing in overseas property there are many different aspects that need to be considered such as, how to finance your purchase, how to protect yourself against currency fluctuations, what is the best taxation vehicle and how to maximise rental returns.

In response Keith have designed a comprehensive range of services and have partnered with some of the best professionals in their industries, who are experienced in dealing with the global property investor.

The New Buzzword for Wealthy Chinese – Balance

China luxury lifestyle

As the Chinese become more affluent, they are seeking new ways to find balance and enjoyment in their lives.

The need to balance their personal and professional lives is of great concern to China’s young professionals. Sixty-three percent of Chinese surveyed by CNRS said that their lives were “getting really busy” and 44 percent worried that they weren’t taking care of themselves well enough because of their busy lives. Furthermore, nearly 22 percent of China’s total population said that they believed in separating their work and leisure. All of this balance anxiety has led to an uptick in the buzz volume of “Balanced Life” on Chinese microblogs, a 42,275 percent increase between 2011 and 2013.

According to WPP’s 2014 China Consumption Trends study, the hectic modern world is driving many Chinese consumers to exercise, cultivate healthier eating habits, and worry about their carbon footprint. Cars like the new Range Rover Sport, which consumes 22 percent less fuel than its earlier model and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 15 percent, are growing in popularity.

“People are buying the concept of a balanced lifestyle,” the study says. “As the Chinese population becomes more affluent, they face ever growing pressures, from competition at work to food scandals and pollution.”

The “Rainbow Clan” lifestyle is also gaining traction in China. This concept refers to a group of people who scrupulously maintain their work-life balance; they “have a healthy diet, do physical exercises regularly, get enough sleep and work with high efficiency.” Items on the online shopping platform Tmall are now being branded for Rainbow Clan members.

China’s growing affluence has also led to the emergence of a foodie culture in China. According to data from CNRS and CIC, 56 percent of Chinese consumers like to try new foods (an increase of 9 percent between 2011 and 2012) and 41 percent of consumers “label themselves as culinary lovers.”

Technology is playing a key role in China’s culinary boom. Popular competitive cooking shows like Master Chef, an overseas sensation that DRAGON TV has reedited for China, have fed Chinese enthusiasm for cuisine, and series like A Bite of China and One City Has Its Own Flavor showcase food across the country. Cookbook and restaurant apps have also spiked in popularity, and make it easier for consumers to prepare meals or pick a good place to eat.

5 Sites Chinese Consumers Spend the Most Time On

digital internet China

One of the findings from the newly released BCG report on Chinese consumers is that they visit very few websites despite spending a lot of time online.

The Chinese online landscape has become increasingly crowded and knowing where these consumers are spending their time is important.

BCG found that most of the respondents spend 50 to 80 percent of their time online making repeat visits to a few websites that are their personal favorites. According to BCG research, ”more than 40 percent of their collective online activities were spent on the following top five sites: Youku, a local video-streaming website;, a news portal; QQ, an instant messaging service; Taobao, an e-commerce site; and Baidu, a search engine.”

Here are some details on these top five sites:

Site Type Online Activity
Sina News portal website 40 million IP visitors daily
QQ News portal website 51 million IP visitor daily
Baidu Search Engine over 80 million IP visitors daily
Taobao and Tmall Online mall and C2C ecommerce over 67 million IP visitors daily (combined); over 1 trillion RMB sales in 2012
Youku and Tudou (companies merged) video sharing and viewing including TV shows youku: over 10 million IP visitors daily tudou:over 1.26 million IP visitors daily
source: danwei

Studying abroad remains vital ingredient of US foreign policy

Knowledge and understanding of other countries dispels stereotypes

Citing an old Chinese saying, personal experience and a handful of examples, US first lady Michelle Obama avidly encouraged students to study abroad in “a new era of citizen diplomacy” on Saturday.

“As the Chinese saying goes: It is better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books,” she told more than 100 students when delivering a 15-minute speech at the Stanford Center at Peking University.

“We believe that relationships between nations aren’t just about relationships between governments or leaders. They’re about relationships between people, particularly our young people,” said the Harvard-educated lawyer from a working-class family.

Calling study abroad programs “a vital part of America’s foreign policy”, Obama said study abroad could help young people from different countries better cooperate with each other and know they all have a stake in each other’s success, and then to tackle their shared challenges.

“No country can confront them alone, the only way forward is together,” she said, citing issues including climate change and economic opportunities.

Wang Enge, president of Peking University, echoed Obama’s view, saying “mutual understanding is the very first step” for China to fully integrate into, and be fully accepted by, the world.

Wang also spoke of his anticipation of more US students coming to China, including Obama’s two teenage daughters joining Peking University, which triggered applause from the audience.

Christianna Madson, a 23-year-old US student at Peking University, said foreign students, representing their own country, could be a

cultural bridge to carry out citizen diplomacy.

“The more you know a country, the more you dispel the stereotypes,” said the student majoring in linguistics.

Madson, who learned Chinese for five years, said she planned to work in China to continue “building the bridge” as more foreign companies and organizations came to China and more Chinese enterprises kept expanding throughout the world.

According to the US first lady, China is currently the fifth most popular destination for Americans studying abroad.

“The US government actually supports more American students in China than in any other country in the world,” she said.

In 2009, US President Barack Obama announced the 100,000 Strong Initiative to encourage more US students to pursue studies in China.

China is the largest source of foreign students to US universities with more than 200,000 students studying there.

Zhang Yunqi, a sophomore at Peking University, said her willingness to study in the US became stronger after hearing the strong support from Michelle Obama.

“I believe it will be a trend for the US to be more open to Chinese students, with more scholarships provided,” she said.

Jia Qingguo, dean of the School of International Studies at Peking University, said the US also wants China to be more open.

“The differences between the two countries should not necessarily force them to be antagonistic to each other. Instead, it calls for understanding and cooperation,” he said.

Michelle Obama, who is on a weeklong maiden trip to China with her daughters and mother, has sought to promote education and youth empowerment since her arrival in Beijing on Thursday.

Honolulu rail project hits the 1,000-worker mark 夏威夷房地产 Hawaii Real Estate

Aloha,  Honolulu rail project hits the 1,000-worker mark. Honolulu’s $5.16 billion rail project surpassed the 1,000-worker mark this month, according to Dan Grabauskas, CEO and executive director of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation.

There are now 1,042 people working on the project, Grabauskas said.

“As construction ramps up, we are going to continue to see more jobs generated,” said Jeanne Mariani-Belding, a HART spokeswoman. “At this rate, we believe we will be able to see the 4,000 jobs mark during peak construction,”

Nearly half of the workers —  446 — are working for Kiewit Infrastructure West Co., which has a $556 million contract to build the rail’s columns and guideways. Many others — 188 — are working for Ansaldo Honolulu Joint Venture, which has a $1.4 billion contract to design the rail cars and system.

HART expects the project to create up to 6,000 additional “indirect” jobs in sectors such as the restaurant industry, which would hire more staff as a result of the project’s infusion into the economy, Mariani-Belding said.

HART plans to put out for bid this month $150million in contracts for the construction of the rail’s first nine stations.

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韩国富人热衷投资纽约房产 夏威夷房地产



高纬环球总裁桑托巴诺(Barel di Sant’Albano)接受韩国时报访问说,在亚洲国家中,韩国是投资美国商用不动产的第二大国。

近年来韩国国内房动产的投资风气日益趋缓,首尔和全国6月住宅房价分别较去年同期下跌0.89%和0.21%;去年全球对韩国商用不动产的投 资,也较前年减少30%至81亿9000万美元。虽然韩国房市充满不确定性,但桑托巴诺说,韩国的高净资产客户依然热衷于在国外买房子,尤其青睐价格稳定 的纽约和伦敦。

华尔街日报报导引述Real Capital Analytics的资料显示,今年截至6月为止,韩国已经在美国商用不动产市场投入18亿3000万美元,几乎与新加坡的18亿7000万美元相当,而且超过中国的15亿2000万美元。

高纬环球的投资子公司最近接受六家韩国法人委托,买下伦敦市中心的30 Crown Place大楼,委托者多半是保险公司,包括三星人寿保险、教保人寿保险和现代海上火灾保险。


韩国富人热衷投资纽约房产  韩国富人热衷投资纽约房产

Which home will sell for $100 million in 2014? 夏威夷房地产

Which home will sell for $100 million in 2014?

By: | CNBC Reporter and Editor

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty
The De Guigne Estate, Hillsborough, Calif.

At least a half dozen homes in America are priced at $100 million or more.

The question is which—if any—will actually sell for nine figures in 2014?

The $100 million sale seems to have become an annual rite of passage for the luxury real estate market since the end of the financial crisis, a number that seems to sum up both the rising wealth of the super rich and their growing appetite for trophy properties.

(Read more: Billionaires go where? 8 towns that will shock you)

In 2011, Yuri Milner bought a mansion in Los Altos Hills, Calif., for $100 million. In 2012, Stan Kroenke bought a $132.5 million Montana ranch. And this year, a mansion in Woodside, Calif., sold to an unnamed buyer for $117.5 million.

There is no shortage of homes officially listed for $100 million or more. And there are even more $100 million-plus “whisper listings”—homes that aren’t publicly on the market but are quietly seeking buyers at that price.

Yet most homes priced at $100 million or more end up selling at a fraction of that price. The Versace mansion in Miami, also known as Casa Casuarina, was on the market this year for $125 million. It sold at auction for $41.5 million. The Candy Spelling Estate in Bel-Air, Calif., was listed for $150 million, but sold to heiress Petra Eccelstone for $85 million.

Here are some of the candidates, and their likelihood to break the $100-million mark next year.

Copper Beech Farm, Greenwich, Conn. Asking Price: $140 million.
Copper Beech is a stunning piece of land, with 50 acres and 4,000 feet of water frontage, in one of America’s richest neighborhoods. But brokers say it’s mainly a development play, since the house is not all that spectacular. The question is whether a developer would be able to spend $100 million, build homes on the site and still make enough of a return.

Owlwood Estate in Holmby Hills, Calif. Unofficial Asking Price: $150 million.
California seems to be the land of $100 million sales recently, and this home could be a contender. It’s not officially listed, but brokers say the Tuscan estate, with 10 acres and a classic 12,000-square-foot mansion could well trade for nine figures.

The de Guigne Estate, Hillsborough, Calif. List Price: $100 million.
This 47-acre property has been owned by the same family—the de Guignes—for more than 150 years. The 16,000-square-foot home and grounds are just 20 minutes from San Francisco, making it ideal for a newly minted tech billionaire or foreign buyer interested in a foothold in the tech world.

(Read more: Lamborghini unveils the Huracan)

Steve Cohen Duplex, New York City. List Price is $115 million.
Embattled hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen is selling this massive duplex at One Beacon Court in Manhattan. The apartment spans about 9,000 square feet with double-height windows and big views of the city. There are more and more sky-high duplexes coming on the market in the city, but brokers say Cohen’s pad is a solid contender for a nine-figure sale.

The Residence at River House, New York City. List Price $130 million.
River House is an unusual offering, to say the least. It’s a five story building that currently serves as a private club and would need a huge investment to turn into a new private residence. But it’s a colossal 62,000 square feet and has a riverfront garden and 62-foot indoor swimming pool. Probably only a Middle East royal or a Russian oligarch would consider the purchase.

Crespi Hicks Estate, Dallas. List Price $135 million.
Private equity chief Tom Hicks is asking $135 million for his 25-acre estate in Dallas. It’s a unique property, with more than 40,000 square feet of living space. But breaking the $100 million would be a big leap in the Dallas market.

—By CNBC’s Robert Frank. Follow him on Twitter @robtfrank.

海外置业不断升温 投资前别忘注意五大问题




海外置业不断升温 投资前别忘注意五大问题


   据了解,国外购房与国内购房间的最大区别是在土地所有权问题上。在我国,土地只能转让使用权,而所有权归国家所有,使用权最长年限为70年。海 外很多国家土地都为私有制,一般来说海外购置的房产都为个人永久产权,基本无年限限制,也有极个别地区的房地有产权年限,但年限也都为90年以上。例如, 有一些物业仅拥有有产权年限的土地租赁权,在泰国的房产土地使用年限是90年,到期之后须归还给政府。


海外置业不断升温 投资前别忘注意五大问题


   在购置海外房产前,一定要对当地的房价走势作一次全面的了解,只有选择处于上升期的房产才会获得理想的回报。在投资海外房产前,当然不能完全听 信一些代理公司的一面之词,其中难免有失偏颇甚至存在夸大隐瞒现象,投资者一定要提前做好准备工作,要对即将选择投资地区的人文环境、社会动态、相关政策 以及经济发展状况作一次全面的了解。

据介绍,投资吉隆坡房产来说,它是马来西亚的首都,整个马来西亚有30%人口是华裔,会说普通 话、广州话、福建话的内地人都可以在吉隆坡正常生 活,与国内文化差异不大,并且马来西亚的物价和消费水平普遍低于国内一、二线城市。此外,当地购房总税收大概为总房款的2%,而吉隆坡的房价长速基本为每 年同比增长5%,如果您将所购置房产作为出租投资,出租市场的价格长速也大致为6%到7%,可以说收益非常可观。

另外投资者还需了解 当地的市场现在是处于怎样的周期,按照内地的房产投资模式,选择好的地段便能获得不错的回报,但是海外的房地产市场发展具有 着自己的周期性,如果进入下跌周期,即使是投资顶级地段,也难保投资成功,因此选择房产的周期,选择在哪一个时间点进入这个市场,也是很关键的问题。

海外置业不断升温 投资前别忘注意五大问题



海外置业不断升温 投资前别忘注意五大问题



海外置业不断升温 投资前别忘注意五大问题


   海外置业者投资前必须要对房产交易时产生的税费清晰地掌握,衡量税费成本是否可以承担,对将来的居住或收益有无影响。海外与房产有关的税赋主要 有契税、土地税、印花税以及增值税,其中需要说明的是,契税只是部分国家征收,如泰国、马来西亚等国家,征收标准为房价的1.5%左右。欧美国家主要征收 土地税,这种税赋是每年征收一次。



业内人士提醒海外置业者,一定要在充分调查和考量之后再作投资,特别要注意开发商的品牌和实力、房产的地理位置、项目配套程度以及当地文化背景 等各方面因素。在购房过程中,最好聘请专业的中介机构和律师。普通购房者对投资地的贷款政策很难吃透,因此聘请专业机构和人士可以增强交易的安全性。同时 还要做好对东西方文化差异的理解和心里准备,另外,选择哪种适合自己投资的管理物业也都是投资者需要仔细考虑并详细了解的问题。


来源: 中国新闻网